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Strongly typed physical quantities and unit conversion.

NASA's Mars Climate Observer crashed in September 1999 because of a serious breakdown in project management. However, that accident will be best remembered for the simple error that started everything: the value of a thrust parameter was entered into computer systems in imperial, rather than SI units. That such a trivial mistake could ultimately bring about a mission failure is astonishing. It begs the question of why computers cannot help more when working with physical quantities? [Ref. 1]

Length s = 100 * Length.Metre;
Time t = 9.58 * Time.Second;
Velocity v = s / t;
Console.WriteLine(v.ToString("0.00 km/h")); 
Mass m = Mass.Parse("92 kg");
double massInPounds = m.ConvertTo(Mass.Pound);
Temperature temp = 100 * Temperature.Celsius;
double tempInFahrenheit = temp.ConvertTo(Temperature.Fahrenheit);

  1. B. D. Hall. Software support for physical quantities. 2002.
  2. Barton and Nackman. Dimensional analysis. C++ Report
  3. Brown. Introduction to the SI Library of Unit-Based Computation
  4. Brown. Applied Template Metaprogramming in SIUNITS

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